Tech-Patch Repair Solutions

“Save Money, Guaranteed Performance”.

Petroleum, Petrochemical and Natural Gas Industries

Pipeline Patches economically repair Type A defects such as:

*Surface Pitting
*Non-through cracks
*Wall thinning

Municipal Water Infrastructure

Tech-Patches and Pipeline Patches repair holes and cracks in pipes and tanks. Patches can be applied to the following types of pipes:

*All PVC Pipes
*Poly Holding Tanks and Poly Fittings

Waste Water Systems

Tech-Patches and Pipeline Patches will repair holes or cracks in:

*Metal (except stainless and high alloy steels)
*Poly Tanks

Irrigation Systems

Tech-Patches and Pipeline Patches repair:

*Poly Sprinklers
*PVC Pipes
*Poly Holding Tanks
*Cast Iron

At Pipeline Technologies Inc. our focus is to offer innovative product solutions and hands on, personal consultation services to help you address a wide array of commercial obstacles. Our one of a kind Tech-Patch and Smart-Patch monitoring systems permanently repair a variety of previously “unfixable” and impossible problems; across many industries. Our Tech-Patch Repair System (TPRS) is a cost effective, non destructive and long lasting alternative to total replacement.




Early Warning


General Maintenance




Type A Maintenance: Pitting

Pitting Corrosion is characterized by small holes known as pits. While these pits may be small on the surface, they can be larger underneath, potentially being more damaging than they appear. If corrosion occurs in metal pipes, the pipes will start leaking and become worse over time. This is also called pitting corrosion. A single pit in a critical point can cause a great deal of damage and can lead to stress corrosion cracking. Our TPRS maintenance and permanent repair solution, is a low cost method for avoiding irreversible catastrophic damage.

Case Studies
Case Studies

Learn all about the Tech Patch Repair System and its different applications across many markets. Our in depth case studies and analysis will outline how to use our system in specific situations.

Smart System
Smart System

Learn all about our one of a kind, patented Smart-Patch and its fully integrated smart monitoring technology.

Engineering Reports
Engineering Reports

Learn all about our TPRS system and read the engineering reports of dedicated professional Tech-Patch system users.





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No matter what your industry or focus, our Tech-Patch repair technologies will provide the solution you have been looking for. For a free consultation and estimate call 1-877-565-7225 or visit our contact page.